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Harvest in the South

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If you love autumn, the changing colors of the landscape, mountains, forests, and cool breezes then this is the trip for you.  Each region in the South harvests at different times depending on the climate and weather on any given year.  Harvest in Southern Italy typically starts the end of August and continues to early November.    The entire way of eating changes in the South of Italy, from light fare, seafood and white wine to decadent red wine, truffles, fresh pasta, chesnut cream filled deserts, safferon, it is the best time for carnivores.  The smell of traditional ragu and sweet basil is in the air, the welcoming feeling of home.



  • Naples - Autumn and Volcanic Influence
  • Avellino - Harvest, Wine, Truffles, Chestnuts
  • Abruzzo - National Park, the enchanted Forest
  • Abruzzo - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
  • All inclusive; Transportation, Lodging, Meals, Tickets, Tastings, and Tour Guides.
  • Accommodations, transportation, and meals are moderate class with ability to upgrade to luxury at checkout.
  • Pricing is based on Single, Double, and Multiple person occupancy and transportation.
  • Option to pay in installments with PAYPAL available.

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What You Can Expect

A warm and welcoming time of year in Italy, the weather in the South of Italy is very pleasant, the territories you will visit on this tour will be in the mountains, forest, and fertile agritourism zones.  The 5 days of Harvest will include Naples and the Volcanic territories, Avellino, and Abruzzo.   The food and wine are amazing.  Bring a sweater, a camera (your phone), and good appetite.


Naples - Autumn and Volcanic Influence

Campania is known for the rich minerally soils surrounding Vesuvio and the Phlegrean Fields near Naples, which result in some of the most unique and delicious wine in the world.  The local factors of soil and climate work their magic on the specific grape varietals,   You will explore the history of these unique local wines, glass by glass, paired with the most delicious culinary delights of the region.


Avellino - Harvest, Wine, Truffles, Chestnuts

Irpinia is in the province of Avellino, and all the small villages have maintained the distinct local products typical of this area; Black Winter Truffles, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey, Figs, Chestnuts, and Cheese to name just a few.  It is also home to more than 30 wineries, so get your tast buds ready to try at least a  couple of the top varieties.


Abruzzo - National Park, the enchanted Forest

Nature walk through the Black Pine Forest and Springs with many opportunities for photography.   On one of the days in Abruzzo a professional photographer will be present for help with your photography if you are an amateur or enthusiast.   In the evening, a visit to a local agritourism site to sample the fresh food grown on the Abruzzo land.


Abruzzo - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

A visit to Province of L'Aquila, famous for the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wines, and Chef led cooking class with local products.

Tour Location

Naples is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city of Italy, after Rome and Milan.  Avellino is a province in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is situated in a plain surrounded by mountains, east of Naples and is an important agritouism province on the road from Salerno to Benevento.  Abruzzo is on the Adriatic coastline, close to the Apennine Mountains. National parks and nature reserves cover much of its rugged interior.  The harvest in this province is a grand experience.


Campania is one of the most inspiring and intriguing regions in Italy. Evidence of history from 1600 BC can be found in this region, from the first Greek settlers, to the Roman influence and rule. The terrain is comprised of majestic volcanoes, lush mountainside, sparkling sea, and limestone cliffs, decorated by the nature of the Mediterranean influences. Naples is the biggest and liveliest city in Campania.   Avellino, Abruzzo and Benvenuto are provinces of Campania, and offer the best places to experience Autumn and the Harvest.

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