Find Your Inspiration to Visit Southern Italy

Cristo Velato

The marble work known as  the “Veiled Christ”, sculpted by Giuseppe Sanmartino in 1753, represents an evocative image of the Christ in death, covered by a shroud made from the same block of marble as the body of Jesus is carved.  This scuplture is featured in the Chapel of Sansevero in Naples,

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O’ Munaciello

There are many folk figures who nurture the vivid world of Neapolitan fantasy and legends, but a place of
honor belongs to the Munaciello. The Munaciello is one of the spirits of the house, sometimes benevolent, sometimes naughty, depicted as a small monk who sneaks secretly into Neapolitan houses, often to leave money but much more often to cause
shame or mishap the poor tenants. […]

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Sorrento is one of the world’s most intensely emotive zones, where the Homeric
hero Ulysses resisted the Sirens by having himself tied to the last of the ship and
blocking his ears with wax. […]

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Nothing can prepare you for the first view of Ragusa. The oldest part of the
city, Ibla, was spilt in two by the earthquake and part of it rebuilt in the
baroque style, but hints of the old town still sit alluringly cheek-by-jowl with
such formal perfection.[…]

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Campi Flegri – Phlegraean Fields

The Phlegraean Fields are a volcanic area located north-west of Naples. An area
rich in historical, naturalistic and mythological traces. Here they produce wines
with a unique flavor thanks to the volcanic nature of its soils, in particular
Falanghina and Piedirosso are produced.[…]

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Arethusa in Siracusa

Arethusa was a nymph in Greek mythology, and a servant to the Goddess Artemis. Legend has it that one day the nymph, a lover of water, decided to plunge into a river, unaware of the presence of the God Alpheus of the Rivers, who was awakened by such a beauty. The nymph, became aware of his presence, and having sworn an oath of chastity to Goddess Artemis, tried to reject his enticements in every way….

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