What is Onomastico?

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If you’re interested in learning about Onomastico in Italy, you’ve come to the right place! Onomastico is the study of proper names, and in Italy, it’s a vital part of the culture and stems all they way back from Medieval times. Here, we’ll take a look at the origins and meanings of some of the most famous Italian names. One of the most common Italian names is Maria. This name has Hebrew origins and means “wished-for child” or “beloved.” Maria is often used as a middle name in Italy. Another popular name is Giovanni, which is of Italian origin and means “God is gracious.” This name was common among early Christians in Italy. There are many other popular Italian names, such as Angelo, which means “angel,” or Francesca, which means “free one.” Whatever your name may be, Onomastico can help you learn more about its meaning and history.

There are many name days throughout the year, and each is celebrated with a special feast. On Onomastico, friends, and family gather to celebrate the person whose name is being honored. The feast usually includes a special meal, and often a cake or other dessert with the person’s name on it.

The History of Onomastico

Onomastico is an Italian word meaning “name day.” It is the day of the year associated with a particular saint or martyr. In Italy, many babies are named after saints, and so each child has his or her own special name day. 

The custom of celebrating name days began in the early days of Christianity when people were named after the saints they were born under. For example, if a baby was born on December 6, he would be named after St. Nicholas. As Christianity spread, the practice of assigning name days to saints became more widespread. 

Today, name days are still celebrated in Italy. Many people have their name day listed in their telephone book so that friends and family can remember to call and wish them a happy day. Some people even take the day off from work to celebrate. 

If you have an Italian name, chances are you have a name day. So if your name is Italian, look up your name day in the calendar and start celebrating!

The Best Ways to Wish Someone a Happy Name Day

If you have an Italian friend or family member with a name day coming up, here are some tips on how to wish them a happy Onomastico: 

1. Use their name in your greeting. For example, if their name is Maria, you could say “Buon Onomastico, Maria!” 

2. Give them a small gift. A name day is a perfect opportunity to give a small token of your affection, like a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. 

3. Write them a personal message. A handwritten note or card is always appreciated, especially if you include a thoughtful message wishing them a happy name day. 

4. Take them out for a special treat. If you really want to make their day special, treat them to a nice dinner or lunch. They’ll definitely appreciate the gesture! 

5. Just say “Buon Onomastico!”

Even if you don’t have time for anything else, a simple “Happy name day!” will suffice. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

There are also many phrases that can be used to add an extra level of thoughtfulness. If you’re not sure how to wish someone a Happy Name Day, try some of these helpful phrases:

– Happy name day friend! On this very special day for you, where your beautiful name is celebrated, I wanted to show you all my love for you. I love you

– You know, for your name day I wasted a lot of time thinking about original phrases but then I realized that simple things are the most essential ones: many wishes for a good name day. I love you…

– On the day when your name is celebrated, we could not miss my best wishes: good name day friend

– You have a name that is too beautiful, and is not easily forgotten! Happy Name day

How to Celebrate Onomastico

There are many different ways to celebrate a Name Day in Italy. One of the most popular customs is to have a big party with all of your friends and family. You can also have a special dinner or go out for a night on the town, this meal is usually a feast, and may include a variety of traditional Italian dishes. Another popular way to celebrate a Name Day is to buy a special cake or dessert with the saint’s name on it. Sometimes food varies depending on the region. Yet, as “All Saints’ Day”  is celebrated in autumn, there are several seasonal delights such as truffles, pumpkin risottos, and roasted chestnuts.

Even people whose name days are not on the same days as their birthdays, celebrate it like it’s their second birthday. 

Accompanied by the wishes of “Buon Onomastico” meaning (Happy Name Day) or “Auguri” meaning (Well Wishes), a small present or a bunch of flowers are the gifts that people usually give to the host of the party.

Many bakeries in Italy sell these special cakes and they are often decorated with the saint’s picture. Other common celebrations include giving gifts, attending special church services, and sharing stories about the meaning of one’s name.

Best Apps to use to Wish Someone a Happy Name Day:

1. The feast of the saint you are named after (apple) by Bitfield AB

– Integrates with your calendar to remind you of your loved ones’ Name Days

2. Buon Onomastico (android) by GeneApps

– Wishes Phrases and Images for a Happy Name Day

3. Auguri per ogni occasione (android) by mikdroid

– This app has beautiful phrases and greeting for any occasion that will be sure to light up the life of whomever you are sending it to.

Start Celebrating!

Onomastico is a fun day for Italians and Italian Enthusiasts to celebrate their names and to be proud of their heritage. No matter how you celebrate, Name Days are a staple of fun and community in Italy. If you have an Italian name, be sure to celebrate your name day!

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