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Nestled in the heart and soul of Italy, Madrina Club began as more than just an idea—it came to life as a passion project that was deeply rooted in a profound love for Italian culture, heritage, and the vibrant city of Naples. Our story is a testament to the bonds that connect us to where we come from and where we feel most at home.

The seed for Madrina Club was planted 35 years ago when our founder visited Italy for the first time. It was a trip unlike any other, a month-long exploration during spring that immersed him in the rich tapestry of Italian life. From the bustling streets of Naples to the solemn beauty of Easter mass at the Vatican, Italy was revealed not just as a destination, but as a dream—a surreal experience rich with the flavors, art, and spirit of a culture deeply interwoven with his own roots.

This profound connection to Italy grew stronger with time, transforming from a cherished memory into an indelible part of her identity. It was on a hill next to a house in Montecorice in Salerno, gazing out over the landscapes of Campania, that the vision for Madrina Club truly began to take shape. It was a vision fueled by the desire to share this deep love and connection with Italy.


At Madrina Club, our mission is simple but ambitious: Bringing Italian heritage and culture closer to home. We aim to create an immersive experience that bridges continents and generations, inviting our guests to explore and fall in love with Italy just as our founder did. Through our offerings, we strive to honor the vibrant culture, the people, and the stories that make Italy truly unique.

Every aspect of Madrina Club, from the experiences we offer to the stories we tell, is designed to elevate and celebrate the Italian way of life. We’re not just about showcasing the iconic landmarks; we’re about the intimate, the authentic, and the moving. We’re about the warmth of a shared meal, the exhilaration of discovering a hidden art piece, and the quiet joy of a coffee that tastes like nowhere else on earth.

The Campania Region

Choosing Naples at the start as the heart of Madrina Club was no coincidence. This city, with its intricate blend of history dating back to Greek times, its passionate subculture, and its breathtaking views, embodies everything we wish to share. Naples is not just a location—it’s a character in our story, rich in lore, culinary delights, and traditions that cry out to be experienced first hand.  But more than anything, it’s the people of Naples who inspire us daily. Their kindness, their approach to life, and their reminders that there is so much more to learn and love are what make this adventure so fulfilling.

Contact Us

Please contact us by phone, email, whatsapp, or fill out the form, and the Madrina Club will contact you shortly.  Madrina Club isn’t merely about travel; it’s an invitation to fall in love—to discover a connection with Italy so profound that it changes the way you see the world. Whether you’re tracing your roots or seeking new experiences, we’re here to guide you through an unforgettable journey of discovery and passion.

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Sunday: 11am – 7pm EST

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