Shop and Explore Southern Italy


Get INSPIRED by local artisans from the Southern regions of Italy as they share their craft’s PASSION, beauty, and skill.  You can prepare for upcoming travel by delighting in the high quality travel bags, and hand-made jewelry from Campania. Experience generations of AUTHENTIC perfection.


Visit the South of Italy to experience the culture, local artisans, ancient history, agritourism, and famous restaurants and wineries. Boat and swim in the surrounding seas and find delight in the most breathtaking views.  Hike the Path of the Gods, or Mount Vesuvio. Join the harvest in the Autumn to explore the flavors of the rich land.


Campania Trading Corp. is an importer of fine Italian goods into the United States for e-commerce distribution.  MADRINA brand was INSPIRED by local Southern Italian artisans and quality craftmanship.  The central idea is to bring these products into the homes of others abroad to inspire travel to these regions.   The product selection will grow as more artisans are added to the cooperative.

The MADRINA Club WELCOMES visitors for private tours to experience the intriguing Southern Italian culture in the regions of Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Molise, Abruzzo, Basilicata, and Puglia.  

THE MADRINA CLUB is an online retail store featuring inspiring local artisan products and planning adventures in southern Italy – the territory known as MEZZOGIORNO.