9 Places to Visit on Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples

Naples is a city rich in culture and history, with views of one of the natural wonders of the world. The Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius are two of the city’s unique landmarks. Every year, tourists worldwide come to Naples to behold the beautiful landmarks, historical streets, and architecture. This ancient region has much to offer, from the ruins of Pompeii to the modern cuisine of Naples (the birthplace of Napolitano pizza).

Christmas in Naples, Italy, is a special and unique time of year.  However, there is only one place where Christmas lasts forever: Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples, also known as “Christmas Alley.”

via San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno, also known as via San Liguoro or Strada Nostriana, is one of Naples’ most famous and characteristic streets. It is located between via dei Tribunali and Spaccanapoli.

The narrow alley is in the heart of Centro Storico, (the old town of Naples). The atmosphere can be experienced by slowly making your way down the length of this street.

There are many beautiful shops selling souvenirs and collectibles. They can get crowded in tourist seasons, but it’s worth a visit to get a feel for the old Napoli vibes.

The window displays along the Via San Gregorio Armeno give the street a Christmas feeling regardless of the month. The road is usually full of Italian shoppers looking for the perfect nativity scene accessory in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Places to Visit Along via San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno is most beautiful during Christmas when the shops display intricate, handcrafted works of art. However, the shops are open throughout the year, and most shops exhibit their products. The artisans’ work is varied and exciting, from nativity figurines to tambourines. The atmosphere is lively and full of history. You can buy nice handmade souvenirs here and watch the artisans at work in their shops.

1. Arte in Movimento De Maria


The Arte in Movimento De Maria is one of the city’s most beautiful and ornate churches, with fantastic frescoes by Luca Giordano and other important artworks.

2. D’Auria San Gregorio Armeno


The Nativity scene shop in the historic street of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples offers a variety of traditional nativity scenes. The shopkeepers work all year round to make their conventional

nativity scenes. The prices are very reasonable (given the quality and manufacture) and the shopkeepers were courteous and willing to please.

3. Rosario and Gennaro Di Virgilio

The Di Virgilio family has been crafting pottery in San Gregorio for generations. Father Gennaro taught his son Rosario the trade, and Rosario continues the tradition today. Genny Di Virgilio is a skilled craftsman who uses quality raw materials and works with passion, love, and precision – a trade he learned from his father.

4. Capuano Brothers


Founded in 1840, the Fratelli Capuano workshop is a historic company in San Gregorio Armeno that has been carrying out this craftsmanship for almost two centuries. The artisans of this workshop have specialized over time in not only creating ceramic figurines but also in creating scenarios and landscapes both in cork and wood.

5. The Art Of The Shepherd

This shop is a must-see, as the artisans skillfully combine tradition and innovation in their works. At Arte del Pastore, you can find high-quality artifacts created with techniques and materials passed down from generation to generation. They are worked with passion, precision, and professionalism.

6. Ferrigno Umberto

In Naples, nativities are an essential part of Christmas celebrations. Many shops along Christmas Alley are artisans who pass the tradition down through generations. Ferrigno is one of the historic shops on the street and has been run by the Ferrigno family for more than 150 years.

The Ferrigno family workshop is a real art gallery. The work and tradition have been handed down for years from father to son to produce collectible figurines of the nativity scene. Marco Ferrigno, who learned the business from his father, now creates creations with the same materials his family has used for 150 years. He uses terracotta, wood, and the renowned silks of S. Leucio.

7. Lina Manzavino

Lina Manzavino creates statuettes of shepherds in terracotta with great passion, taking care of every detail with extreme precision. Lina also makes figures from popular tradition, such as the bagpiper, Benino, and noble or famous women and men.

8. Sfogliate e Sfogliatelle


The pastries at this establishment are some of the best I’ve ever had. The breakfast menu is also fantastic. I highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in Naples. The owner is very passionate and helpful. They took the time to explain everything, which made the experience even better.

You will be pleased to have a traditional Neapolitan coffee and ricotta Sfogliatelle here.

9. Complesso Monumentale San Lorenzo Maggiore


The church of San Lorenzo Maggiore is in Naples at the geographic center of the ancient Greek-Roman city. The church is situated at the intersection of Via San Gregorio Armeno and Via dei Tribunali.

The Roman forum is an excellent illustration of the period. The arched Greek cistern is worth seeing, as structures like that are rare. This beautiful complex includes a museum, church, café, and outdoor area. This place is ideal for sitting down and relaxing while still getting some educational value.

How to Visit San Gregorio Armeno

The Naples International Airport is about 5.4 km from San Gregorio Armeno. If you are taking the metro, you can reach this area by taking metro line 1 and getting off at the Museo or the Cavour stop.

The walk from Naples central station to San Gregorio Armeno is a pleasant one that crosses Corso Umberto I, Via Duomo, and continues along Via dei Tribunali or Spaccanapoli.

Final Thoughts

The shops are similar, with good luck symbols such as the corniciello and Pulcinella. In addition, there are many Christmas decorations and sculptures for you to admire along via San Gregorio Armeno. If you are looking for a souvenir to symbolize your trip to the Naples region, you will find it here! You should set aside 2-3 hours in your itinerary to visit Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples. You may find that you spend more time there while buying Christmas gifts.