Mermaid Stories

According to Greek legend, the Siren Parthenope was the daughter of the god Achelous, and drowned herself in the sea when her songs failed to entice Ulysses. Her body washed ashore in Naples near the Castel dell ‘Ovo.

The Roman myth tells another version about a centaur named Vesuvius enamored with the Siren Parthenope. Jupiter (Zeus) turned the centaur into a volcano and cast the Siren Parthenope into the city of Naples from the sea. Vesuvius’ rage in losing the love of the Siren is manifested in the volcanic heat, and the eruptions are symbolic of his undying and volatile love for this Mermaid. Legend has it that a mythical mermaid named Parthenope founded Naples. Mermaids are mysterious enough on their own, but this Parthenope mermaid was the voice of the sea, and all in her path were mesmerized by her strength and beauty.