Volcanic Wines of Campania

Campania region is top for the rich minerally soils surrounding Vesuvio and the Phlegrean Fields near Naples, which result in some of the most unique and delicious wines in the world.

Volcanic wines are different.  What could be more unique, romantic…and delicious! Madrina wants you to experience them first-hand, as we explore wines made from the Caprettone and Falanghina grape varietals grown in the rich flinty soils near Campi Flegrei west of Naples, and the igneous rocky soils of great Vesuvio, which towers over the Bay of Naples east of the city. What could be grander than to savor the aromatic minerality of these special wines as you stand in the shadow of Vesuvio.  Falanghina grapes are ideally suited to the rich, minerally soils of the nature reserves near the burning, caldera-forming volcanic Phlegrean Fields. You’ll explore the history of these unique local wines, glass by glass, paired with the most delicious culinary delights of the region.