Monreale Sicily

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Located in the Northwest region of Sicily awaits the picturesque town of Monreale,
established within the province of Palermo and overlooking what is known as “La
Concha d’ora” or “the golden shell” famous for producing bountiful treasure troves of
ingredients in which the locals have prided themselves on for countless generations.

However, it is no secret that Sicily has been conquered by many great empires over the
decades and the proof can found while venturing the streets and immersing yourself in
one of nine mazes of UNESCO World Heritage sites better known as the Arab-Norman
Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale.
Monreale is home to the historical Norman-Byzantine Cathedral, one of the greatest
examples still preserved Norman architecture portraying scenes from both the Old and
New Testament, first undergoing construction in 1174 under the supervision of Sicilian
King William II.